Nutritional coaching at home

I have been practising nutrition, dietetics, overweight of all kinds and "mal-être", stress, etc. consultations for nearly 20 years All diets, whatever they are will be synonymous with failure. It is absolutely normal, our body has learned how to divert this or that deprivation.

I have always favoured nutritional education, based on desire and feeling, intuition.

Observations: With the best will in the world, my patients often admit that they are not very comfortable with basic reflexes or knowledge: how to cook, how to choose products, read labels, etc.

Solution: Home Nutrition Coaching

To meet the ever-increasing demands of my clientele, I am organising on request, a practical nutrition coaching workshop at home, and in shops, markets whenever possible.

This 4 hour workshop will have the following objectives:

Kitchen audit, I need to immerse myself and understand your environment, both on the appliances in place, cooking tools, utensils, analysis of cupboards, fridge, freezer, pantry, reserves, etc. and eating habits of the family(s).

My "guided" tour of the shelves of the shop(s), supermarket or market that you usually frequent with explanation and understanding of labels, especially highlighting cpreservatives, colourings, sweeteners, etc.
Practical instruction on products (basic nutritional groups: protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc).

We decide on the ingredients to buy to make a quick, balanced meal including a starter, main course and dessert together under my supervision.

Back to the kitchen and prepare the meal together, we share this meal together, which we then critique in the form of unstructured feedback.

Participants: from 1 to 3 people maximum, at the place of residence chosen by one of the participants

Duration: 4 hours, from 9:30 to 13:30

Cost: CHF 900.-

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