Overweight is a reality, a planetary epidemic: One human being in six is overweight or obese. In Switzerland, it affects one in five children who are overweight or even obese.

The simple definition of a diet is to cause a significant calorie deficit compared to what the patient should consume. There are all kinds of diets: low-calorie (1000Kcal per day when the patient needs 1500 calories or more), hyper-protein, dissociated, low-fat, etc.

No diet works in the long term

I have banished this kind of nonsense from my consultations for several years, a global, holistic, multi-disciplinary treatment, such as advocated by Prof. Zoltan Pataky of the HUG will have a much better chance of bringing lasting results than any draconian diet.

In the short term, a strict diet will probably work, it will always bring back the lost kilos. The loss of Body Fat is always accompanied by the loss of Lean Body Mass (your muscle structure in particular). The dieting method is fattening. The failure is widespread, the "yo-yo" of rising weight accumulates weight gain. When you return to a "normal" diet, the one you had before the diet, the weight gain will be primarily the result of the return of Fat Mass to the detriment of Lean Mass, and the return of frustrations, disappointments, etc.

5 to 10% of weight loss methods work and keep the patient in a cognitive, automatic lifestyle, the cognitive load will always be very high.

I recommend changing the eating habits, moving from :
"Reasoned" (obeying more or less strict nutritional rules) to an
"Intuitive" (listening to your food sensations)
It is fundamental to listen to one's cognitive senses in order not to be under permanent "reasoned" control.

From all the properly documented Scientific Studies, it appears that:

Any severe diet:

1. Does not work
2. Makes you fat, eventually turning muscle into fat
3. Loses self-confidence
4. Mentally expensive and exhausting
5. Cuts off sensation and pleasure from food
6. Increases the risk of eating disorders in our children (a significant percentage of anorexics and eating disorder sufferers are children of "perpetual dieting" mothers

$66 to $80 billion in profits

It is scientifically documented that the diet industry has been raking in $66 to $80 billion in profits every year since 2013 in the US, which is far from the only example.
The financial stakes are therefore enormous and cause obvious conflicts of interest between the authors of diets, truncated studies and this industry.

Every person with a weight disorder remains a human, unique

Finally, every person suffering from a weight disorder remains a human, unique, who must be approached globally and accompanied in the long term by professionals duly trained in global, holistic medicine. Under no circumstances will symptomatically treating this patient by cutting calories in the hope that he will lose weight help him in any way