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Overweight is a reality, a global epidemic: One in six humans is overweight or obese. It affects one in five children in Switzerland who are overweight or even obese.

The simple definition of a diet is to cause a significant calorie deficit from what the patient should be consuming. There are all kinds of low calorie diets (1000Kcal per day while the patient needs 1500 calories or more), high protein, dissociated, low in fat, etc.

No diet works long term

Obesity is the result of calorie consumption exceeding expenditure. However, the mechanism that regulates body weight is still poorly controlled. (Health Promotion Switzerland)

Some studies suggest that certain genetic factors contribute to an individual's obesity, others have shown that certain factors: socio-economic category, sedentary lifestyle, abundance of industrialized food and "fast food", stress, hormonal imbalances are responsible for more than two thirds of cases.

From all the properly documented scientific studies, it emerges that:

Any severe diet:

1. Doesn't work
2. Gains weight, ultimately turning muscles into fat
3. Loses self-confidence
4. Mentally expensive and exhausting
5. Cutting sensations and eating pleasure
6. Increases the risk of eating disorders in our children (a significant percentage of anorexics and people with eating disorders are children of mothers on "perpetual diet"

66 to 80 billion dollars in profit

It is scientifically documented that the diet industry has garnered every year since 2013 in the USA which is far from the only example, 66 to 80 billion dollars in profit.
The financial stakes are therefore enormous and cause obvious conflicts of interest between the authors of schemes, truncated studies and this industry.

Everyone with a weight disorder remains a human, unique

Finally, any person suffering from weight disorder remains a human, unique, who must be approached globally and supported in the long term by professionals duly trained in global, holistic medicine. In any case, treating this patient symptomatically by cutting calories and hoping that he will lose weight will not help him in any way.