Brief Therapies - Shantala - Tuina

This is a Manual Medicine, which through a sensitive, present and listening touch (synergy of several massage techniques: Shantala , TuiNa, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Plantar Reflexology + energetic care) allows to : - dissolve physical tensions causing discomfort, pain - release buried emotions - accompany each person towards the actualization of their own resources.

Acting on several levels, Tui-Na has a beneficial action on all bodies and minds.

It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and restores a healthy structure between the bones and soft tissues. It also works on the energy meridians and organs via acupuncture points.

It relieves muscular tension, fatigue and stress, and rebalances the circulation of Qi.

These massages are simple, quick and effective, and increase clinical efficiency and patient satisfaction. They can in themselves constitute a care. Several protocols:

  • the neck (neck pain, torticollis, stiffness...),
  • the back (back pain, lumbago, muscle tension, stiffness...),
  • legs (painful legs, poor blood circulation, swollen legs, heavy legs...).

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