Didier JOLIVET, acupuncturist, founder of Chinamedic Clinic Cente at Geneva



University training

Graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Manual Medicine - Shanghai University of Traditional, Chinese Medicine
The Chinese curriculum is the reference for the acupuncture commission of the Council of Europe and for the official international bodies WoFAS

Member of the Swiss Association of Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) http://www.acu.ch/

Continuing education in Master Class Dr Nadia Volf Paris - Causal Auricular Diagnosis allows the deep and early understanding of the cause of development of diseases and the adaptation of the therapeutic protocol aiming at the immediate relief of the symptoms, the treatment of the cause of the problem and the prevention. https://www.acuseminars.com/

Graduate in Homeopathy (CES - UMH Geneva) Teaching director: Dr. J.-Y. Henry

Holder of multiple University Diplomas (DU, DIU) University of Burgundy in Dijon / F
Teaching Direction: Pr. J.-R. Rapin, Dr. Ph. Tournesac, Pr. O. Coudron

  • Neurofunctional Pathology (1)
  • DIU Health Food Micronutrition (2)
  • Neutraceuticals, Alicaments, Health Foods (3)
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(1) DU - Neuro-functional Pathology

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(2) DIU - Alimentation Santé Micronutrition

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(3) DU - Neutraceuticals, Alicaments, Health Foods

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(4) DU - University Diploma of Phyto-aromatherapy

Heart Coherence

Cardiac Coherence, Relaxation, Breathing.

  • New approaches, new practices, Initiation by the SYMBIOFI company, under the responsibility of Dr Dominique Servant, head of the specialised unit Stress & Anxiety at the CHRU of Lille

Ericksonian hypnosis

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis European Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis: (Milton Erickson Institute, Avignon) Teaching director Dr Patrick Bellet

Manual Medicine

Ecole Française de Masso-kinésithérapie, Paris (France)

  • The State diploma of Masseur-Kinésithérapeute gives the right to practice massage, orthopaedic, neuromotor, respiratory, sports rehabilitation

Training (Certificate) under the direction of Daniel Griesser (Physiotherapist of the Swiss National Football Team)

  • Back treatment, mobilisation and manipulation
  • Stickmassage® {Training (Certificate)

Training (Certificate) under the direction of David Jondeau

  • Trigger Points: Specific techniques to deactivate and release muscle tension and pain

Training and (Certificate) K-Taping®. K-Taping® International Academy

Membership of learned societies: ARTS (1), IEDM, MEDIPREVENT

Consultations reimbursed by Health Insurance (Supplementary)

Member RME, ASCA, ASPMTC (Swiss Association of TCM Practitioners Traditional Medicine https://www.acu.ch/

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