Manual and Anti-Pain Medicine


After more than 20 years of practice in Manual Medicine, I have developed, refined and validated by the numerous clinical results a personal technique using several fundamental energetic techniques of reprogramming the painful areas (*)

This method is used to make persistent muscular, tendon and joint pains disappear rapidly.

These pains are indicators, treatment guides for the practitioner and should be used as such. No chemical "painkiller" will quickly and permanently resolve such conditions.

(*) A pain is caused by a node (trigger point), and thanks to the combination of different techniques: acupuncture, moxa, cupping, deep massage and work on the fascias, the pain disappears quickly without returning.

The "Trigger Points", Global Back Treatment, Stickmassage®

"Trigger Points" or trigger points are knots in the muscles, which form for different reasons: accident, stress, bad posture, repetitive movement....

These nodes are parts of contracted muscles, and they can act in different ways:

- They can cause pain (e.g. stress -> neck tension -> neck knots => headache).
- They can complicate an existing problem (e.g. after an accident, they perpetuate the pain even if the injury has healed)
- They can imitate other pains. (e.g. "pseudo-sciatica", the sciatic nerve is not trapped)

Since the work of Dr Janet Travell and Dr David Simons, and more recently that of Daniel Griesser (phytotherapist of the Swiss national football team), clinically proven, the rapid and functional treatment of these pains is an almost daily management with Chinamedic® for the greatest satisfaction of our patients.

Fascia Therapies

This is a gentle manual therapy which attempts, through the fascias, to detect the physical and psychic tensions of the individual, and to try to make them disappear.

The somewhat barbaric term fascia represents in the body an envelope of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles as well as the brain, the various organs, the blood vessels, etc.

The authentic K-Taping ® Therapy

image has been established in Europe since 1998 with great success. All over the world, physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths and podiatrists now use it in their daily therapy.

This authentic K-Taping® therapy is only allowed to be performed by your duly trained and certified practitioner


K-Taping® is used:

- in high performance sport
- in medical settings
- in physiotherapy

For the following purposes: prevention, rehabilitation, training, post-operative care, numerous pathologies, used in addition to TCM acupuncture with Chinamedic Clinic Center

Function and use

The human skin is not only a protective layer, but also its largest organ dotted with receptors, which register external influences and transmit them to more specific receptors deep down. Through them, the skin is in continuous exchange with the muscles, ligaments and joint capsule.

While humans react unconsciously to this mechanism, medicine actively uses it to heal. The elasticity of the K-Tape®, combined with special application techniques, makes it possible to influence this complex receptor system.

The fields of use:

- Improvement of muscle function (contractions, imbalances)
- Joint support (improvement of stability and mobility)
- Analgesic
- Activation of the lymphatic system (oedema, post-operative care)


K-Taping® can be used for:

- Muscle contractures and back pain
- Sports injuries such as tendonitis
- Menstrual pain, lowering of the organs
- Chronic pain such as osteoarthritis
- And much more...


The 100% cotton elastic tape has been specially developed for K-Taping® therapy. K-Tape® is air and water permeable, contains no irritating substances and is skin-friendly: it is therefore suitable for all skin types.

K-Tape® can be combined with all medical and homeopathic treatments, as its acrylic adhesive layer does not contain any glue, resin or medication.

The waterproof K-Tape® remain effective for several days to weeks.


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