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There are several "homeopathies": Unisyst, Complexist, Systemist...not all of which respond to a coherent system of thinking.

"The therapeutic ideal consists in restoring health in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner, in removing and destroying the disease in its entirety, by the shortest, safest and least harmful way, that according to clear and intelligible principles" (Celsus, quoted by S.Hahnemann in "Chronic diseases").

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine based on the observation of the effects of diluted and dynamised substances on living beings (human beings, initially, since the observer experimented the product on himself). It applies the principle of SIMILITUDE established by Christian Samuel Hahnemann: (publication of the Organon in 1810).
The symptoms of the sick are combated by agents capable of determining the same symptoms in a healthy individual.

The great wealth of homeopathy (and veterinary homeopathy) is that it considers the individual as a whole entity, reacting in his own way to his environment and its aggressions, with his feelings, with his personal, family and epidemiological history. It does not only treat the body, or a part of the body, but the whole being suffering, body, heart and mind.

It uses plants (Arnica montana), minerals (Calcarea carbonica), metals (Plumbum), as well as animal matter (Apis mellifica), or medicines.

See the Nomenclature of the Laboratoire Schmidt & Nagel in Geneva

We have chosen an energetic Systemist approach, based on the 5 elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), an energetic medicine, which should always be considered as a first-line medicine.

It indeed favours symptoms as valuable indicators in the search for the cause of an imbalance. Indeed, why at a certain moment the immune system of such or such subject will be more or less defective? This is the real question to which a fundamental answer must be given, which will make it possible to treat the disease, and not only to eliminate the symptom.

Systemic homeopathy, using the tools of TCM, biology and psychology, sheds new light on medical matters, on the level of action of remedies, as well as on their synergies of use. It clarifies and simplifies the study and use of diluted and dynamised remedies (old and new!). After having widely developed its doctrine in French-speaking countries, the practitioners of the IMH hope that the medical world as a whole, by verifying its concepts, will enrich it with some practical aspects still unknown.

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