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Chromatotherapy, color therapy, "chromotherapy"


Chromatotherapy is the use of coloured radiation for therapeutic purposes according to a very strict protocol.

Therapeutic method that uses vibratory reference units called "colors".

Two types ofChromatotherapy® are distinguished

* Luminous Chromatotherapy®. Consists of projecting coloured light rays, obtained by passing white light through filters selecting precise wavelengths in the visible, perceived by the eye as "colours".
* Molecular Chromatotherapy® uses the same wavelengths as "colored" light chromatotherapy but not from light but from matter.

1°) Light Chromatotherapy is used on three levels:
Directly at the level of a condition when the pathogen comes from the environment.
a) in traumatology, all algae secondary to trauma. Treatment of the after-effects of head trauma, improves memory, attention disorders, anxiety and depression.
b) in rheumatology on arthroses, arthritis, tendonitis.
c) in dermatology zonas, herpes, burn scars or post surgery.

At the eye level:
Central "regulatory action" at eye level, with double effect, psychic and physical. It can also be used for the treatment of sunstroke, or shock.
At the acupuncture points.
Every acupuncture point is determined before treatment, by its own grammatical trigmatic writing.

2°) Molecular chromatotherapy is used at two levels
On the skin: Apply locally using ointments containing the desired trace element.
Orally: In the form of homeopathic potions or granules. The choice of the trace element will depend on the area to be treated.