We are pleased to open to you a part of our library, treasure of Chinamedic Clinic Center

The Fundamentals

  • Understanding Chinese Medicine, Ted. J. Kaptchuk, Ed. Satas
  • Treaty of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Qiu Peiran, Xue Xiu Ling, Pu Yunxing, Ed. of Science and Technology Shanghai
  • Medical Diathesis, F. and Dr. J.-Y. Henry
  • Eating can save your life, Ph. Sionneau, Ed. Trédaniel
  • Be well in your plate, Dr. C. Kousmine, Ed.Tchou
  • Healing, Prof. D. Servan-Schreiber, Ed. R. Laffont
  • Chronic Diseases, Hahnemann, Ed. Maisonneuve
  • The intestine, crossroads of my destiny, Dr. Ph. Fiévet
  • Stress and anxiety management, Dr. D. Servant, Ed. Masson
  • Relaxation and meditation, Dr. D. Servant, Ed. O. Jacob
  • Les combats de la Vie, Pr. L. Montagnier, Ed. JC Lattès

Nutrition & Micronutrition

  • Change your diet, Pr. H. Joyeux Ed. Rocher
  • La meilleure façon de manger, Angélique Houlbert, T. Souccar Ed.
  • The real Anti Cancer diet, Pr. D. Khayat Ed. O. Jacob
  • Guérir du Cancer ou s'en protéger, Pr. D. Belpomme, Ed. Fayard
  • The practical guide to vitamins, Dr Michel Roussel, Ed. Alpen
  • The new guide to vitamins, Th. Souccar/ Dr. J.-P. Curtay, Ed. Seuil
  • Tell your doctor that cholesterol is innocent, he will treat you without medication, Dr. Michel de Lorgeril, Ed. T. Souccar
  • Overcoming cholesterol, Dr. Eric Ménat, Ed. Grander
  • Le pouvoir des Omega3, Dr. Michel de Lorgeril, Ed. Alpen

Suite: Nutrition & Micronutrition

  • Anticancer, Prof. D. Servan-Schreiber, Ed. R. Laffont
  • 100 Okinawa reflexes, Anne Dufour, Ed. Leduc
  • La meilleure façon de manger en attendant bébé, L. Angullo, Ed. T. Souccar
  • The Montignac Method illustrated for women, M. Montignac, Ed. Flammarion
  • Preventing and fighting obesity in children, M. Montignac, Ed. Flammarion
  • Vaccines, lies and propaganda. S. Simon, Ed. T. Souccar
  • Health, lies and propaganda. T. Souccar and I. Robard, Ed. T. Souccar

The Management of Emotions

  • L'Hypnose, Dr. Patrick Bellet, Ed. O. Jacob
  • L'erreur de Descartes, Prof. A. Damasio, Ed. O. Jacob
  • Hyperactivity and attention deficit. Dr. F. Berthoud, Ed. Testez
  • L'intelligence Emotionnelle, Dr. D. Goleman, Ed. R. Laffont

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