Overweight treatment, obesity

Medicall Helium Neon Laser

The Helium Neon laser

More than 25 years of MTC allow me to offer a serious and validated, efficient and painless and risk -free medical protocol in order to a significant and effective significant weight loss (technique comparable to acupuncture, but which does not require the use of 'needles).

Indeed, stimulation of reflex points is done by a "cold" neon helium laser radiation emitted by certified medical device.


If you are motivated to lose weight in a sustainable way, if you want to reduce snacking, regulate appetite, hunt stress as part of a diet and improve the quality of sleep, this technique will help you reach your goals .
It allows you to take care of the overweight ranging from 3 to 50 kg (the “record” of CCC Chinamedic Clinique Center is 54 kg in 18 months.)

Support on several compulsory and essential axes:
2 sessions per week of neon helium laser in order to correct eating behavior, activate certain physiological and psychic mechanisms. These sessions are fundamental to modify compulsive behaviors (cravings, snacking, desires of sweet or fatty food, etc.)
Food rebalancing to use good eating habits that will lose 2 to 4 kg per month and also improve mood and sleep as well as regulate transit. A feeding plan will be given to you every week.

A compulsory “starter” period of 2 sessions per week over 6 weeks for objectives above 10 kg, 3 weeks for requests between 3 and 10 kg.

Personalized follow -up to maintain motivation and manage any difficulties together throughout the management until stabilization.

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