over 20 years of practice

TCM Acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, manual medicine

Thanks to multiple skills, basic medical, and more particularly in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture, acquired throughout a rich and varied university professional curriculum, we offer a global care of health.

There is no competition between the medical "Two Worlds". The best therapeutic strategy will always be chosen for the well-being of our patients and this strategy is constantly evolving depending on the case.


several specialists

We work in symbiosis with multiple specialists: Emergency physicians, General Practitioners, Gynecologists, Sexologists, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, ENT, Chiro/Ostheo, etc. ENT, Chiro/Ostéo, etc.

We form a team where the only winner is the patient!


Tailored method

Depending on the therapeutic needs, different techniques will be proposed and used, different but complementary:

Acupuncture Anamnesis Traditional and modern comprehensive TCM through causal auricular diagnosis https://www.facebook.com/acuseminars/


Health professional as defined by Federal and Cantonal law, Patients are always received during this health crisis. The CODIV-19 protection rules already in force since 27 April 2020 are seriously applied at the Chinamedic Clinic Center (art. 14, chap. 6 of the decree of the Geneva State Council for Professionals with a Right to Practice.

The contribution of TCM, Pharmacopoeia, Phyto, Moxa, Essential Oils has been widely demonstrated and published during the health crisis in China. It is indeed a complementary medicine of primary importance. A stimulation of the immune system will be a decisive asset in the face of this pandemic. Geneva, 14.01.2021

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Chinamedic is completely renovated, each room designed and adapted to its therapy, for the greatest comfort of patients