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Spagyrus, phytotherapy, aromatherapy


Efforts should be made to understand why the disease occurred, with healing of mind and body going hand in hand.

What is it?

Spagyrus harmoniously combines phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy and trace elements in a holistic therapy that cares for the body, soul and spirit.
To heal from a physical illness, you have to try to understand why the illness started, with the healing of mind and body going hand in hand. This is how the spagyric essences support this healing process. Treating the cause and not only the symptoms of the disease is a concept already present in the ancient medicines of humanity, Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic, to name but a few.

Unlike traditional herbal remedies, spagyric essences are non-toxic, have no side effects and do not interfere with other treatments.

Historical landmarks

Paracelse (1493-1541) was the first to introduce the notion of "Spagyria": He formed this word by combining two Greek verbs, one meaning "separate" and the other "bring together", which implies the idea of analysis and synthesis, alluding to the specific preparation method of spagyric essences, which makes it possible to obtain the most representative extraction of the plant. During the preparation of spagyric essences, the plant components are separated, transformed, purified and then brought together using techniques inspired by alchemical concepts.

The resulting spagyric essence is pure and natural and has a wide spectrum of therapeutic properties; it has an effect on all levels of the human being. Healing must be achieved according to the principle of "quickly, fully and exhaustively". The process used by PHYLAK is therefore based on Paracelsus' work and a subsequent development of it by the German doctorCarl Friedrich Zimpel (1801-1879).

The process of manufacturing spagyric essences developed by PHYLAK Sachsen using modern scientific techniques allows Spagyrus according to Dr. Zimpel to occupy a prominent place among phytotherapeutic remedies.

Therapeutic indications

Heidak or Phylak spagyric species have proven their worth in many fields. The basic principle is that the body is able to rebalance itself and regain health through the healing power of herbal mixtures. Spagyrus can provide relief in almost any disease, whether acute or chronic, and is also suitable for prophylactic treatment.

Due to their low alcohol content and absence of toxicity, these essences can also be recommended for use in paediatrics and pregnant women.
Some formulas can be used to detoxify the body, e. g. alcohol, tobacco, drugs, others can support the body and minimize the side effects of heavy allopathic treatments.

They can successfully treat psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression, which often accompany physical illness. During delicate emotional situations, intense stress, shock, grief, they allow the patient to go through these stages more serenely.

They are used as drops for internal use, but also incorporated into an ointment base for external use, the two forms can be complementary. Some formulas can be used as oral sprays or inhaled, especially those that act on the emotional level.

Innuité de la médecine spagyrique

Spagyric species manufactured by PHYLAK Sachsen in Germany are subject to rigorous quality controls and meet the same safety standards as modern medicines. The preparation method eliminates alkaloids or any other toxic substances. Although pure and undiluted, their effect is comparable to that of high homeopathic dilutions. Each spagyric species has a certificate of analysis in accordance with the code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).