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Smoking off by acupuncture


Acupuncture is a method to stop smoking without weight gain if it is accompanied by appropriate professional management.

The results of puncture protocols used at Chinamedic to stop smoking are significant enough to be included in effective anti-tobacco strategies.


Quit smoking without gaining too much weight

Weight gain is one of the side effects of quitting smoking if the needs of the patient are not sufficiently taken into account.

We are very interested in the reasons that led you to smoke before we know why you want to quit! A precise analysis of mood and satiety disorders is included in the treatment, and nutritional and micronutritional supplements are prescribed.

We have a physical activity and nutrition plan in place.
It is necessary to increase daily physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, cycling, brisk walking, swimming...) and reduce the daily calorie intake by about 20% on its calorie intake (DER), by consuming more fruit, vegetables, whole grains and less fat, meat, sausages, frying.

Our protocols (3 acupuncture sessions), based on experience "clinical" in Shanghai, make it possible to stop smoking, by eliminating the need for nicotine instantly after the first session, not to compensate by alcohol or snacking on sweet and fatty foods responsible for weight gain, sometimes very annoying.