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Manual Pain Medicine


After more than 20 years of practice in Manual Medicine, I have developed, refined and validated by the numerous clinical results a personal technique using several fundamental energy techniques for reprogramming painful areas (*)

This method is used to quickly disappear persistent muscle, tendon and joint pain.

These pains are indicators, treatment guides for the practitioner and should be used as such. No chemical "anti-pain" will quickly and permanently solve these types of conditions.

(*) Pain is caused by a knot (trigger point), and thanks to the combination of different techniques: acupuncture, moxa, suction cup, deep massage and work on fascias, the pain disappears quickly without returning.

Trigger Points, Global Back Treatment, Stickmassage®

Trigger Points are knots in the muscles, which are formed for different reasons: accident, stress, poor posture, repetitive movement.....

These nodes are parts of contracted muscles, and they can act in different ways:

- They can cause pain (e.g. stress - tension in the neck - knots in the neck = headache).
- They can complicate an existing problem (e.g. after an accident, they perpetuate pain even if the injury is healed)
- They can mimic other pains. (e. g. "pseudo-sciatica", the sciatic nerve is not stuck)

Since the work of Dr Janet Travell and Dr David Simons, and more recently that of Daniel Griesser (phytotherapist of the Swiss National Football Team), clinically proven, rapid and functional treatment of these pains is an almost daily management with Chinamedic® for the greatest satisfaction of our patients.

Fascia Therapies

It is a soft manual therapy that tries, through fascias, to detect the physical and psychological tensions of the individual, and to try to make them disappear.

The somewhat barbaric term fascia represents in the body an envelope of connective tissue that surrounds both muscles and brain, the different organs, blood vessels, etc.