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Cardiac coherence


Cardiac coherence is a particular state of heart rate fluctuation that balances the autonomic nervous system and emotional management.

This particular condition is accompanied by many physiological and psychological effects, particularly in the field of stress and its effects on the body.
Heart Coherence is an individual practice based on simple exercises, accessible to all.

How to practice David Servan Schreiber's cardiac coherence


The different steps of this method have been developed and tested by the Heartmath Institute (California), a center dedicated to the study and application of cardiac coherence.


Take two slow, deep breaths (more if necessary). It is to connect with her breathing, to focus on her and as for me what helps me is to say at the same time that I breathe:" inspiration and......... expiration.... inspiration...." by accompanying the movement.
for others... it's putting your hand on your belly and following the comings and goings of their breathing.

The important thing is to be completely "connected" to breathing without parasitic thoughts
BUT ALL THIS NORMALLY WITHOUT FORCE, accompany the natural movement of your breath


Focus on your heart, imagine that you are breathing through your heart (or in the middle of the chest if breathing in your heart seems difficult to you) - for those who know the chakras in the 4th chakra

Breathe there again without forcing, slowly and deeply (but naturally) imagining that with each INSPIRATION comes the oxygen necessary for your heart and that EXPIRATION expels all the slag and waste that it no longer needs (see this as a bath that cleans, that purifies everything. You can imagine your heart under a purifying waterfall)


Connect to the feeling of well-being and warmth that develops in your chest in a similar exercise that I use to meditate (see the blog podcast meditation of the sanctuary) "I put in my heart" the people I love most in the world and I let myself be overwhelmed by this feeling of warmth and INCONDITIONAL LOVE).