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Changing lives after a BURN OUT:


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Chinamedic® Newsletter May 2015

Burnout is a strong message... but how to interpret it?
If we rely on scientific studies and other feedback from specialists, burn-out can be identified by the appearance of
3 main symptoms.
- Physical and psychological exhaustion (causing insomnia and pain all over the body...)
- Loss of involvement at work (stigmatised by a lack of attention and motivation)
- A tendency towards dehumanisation (which is materialised by aggressiveness, irritability and less empathy)

Resurrection Massage:

Beyond a simple body technique,
a real journey to the heart of the self.

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Chinamedic® Newsletter Resurrection Massage

How to strengthen your immune system

How to strengthen your immune system

How to naturally boost your immune system
Micronutrients not to be neglected including vitamin D
How to "boost" your immune system with Specialized Probiotics
Food for the "immune shield
What to eat for good health
The role of Antioxidants
Natural plants and treatments beneficial to the immune system

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Chinamedic® NewsLetter Immune System

How to strengthen your immune system

Hygiene of Life & Emotions in TCM

Health of Life & Emotions in TCM

Hygiene of Life: Hygiene of life has always held a prominent place in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Generalities on emotions
How are emotions born?
Joy, Anger, Reminiscence, Sadness, Fear without reason
Example of the four stages between the onset of a stimulus and its response

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Chinamedic® NewsLetter Healthy Living & The Emotions

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Chinamedic® NewsLetter Chrononutrition® and Nordic Walking