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Perception, intention, sensation and reconciliation of soul and body


My philosophy

" Touch is the most important meaning of our body, it gives us the notion of depth, thickness, shapes. It is through our skin, through touch that we feel, love, hate. ┬╗

We are all underdeveloped in touch. Yet touch is essential for our health and balance as well as for our emotional and sexual development. How to find through personal and deep sensations a touch that does good, restores vitality and frees the body, gives confidence, supports, repairs the past and improves relationships

A "Resurrection Massage" is not only a simple fitness program but a true source of change and evolution that stimulates dreams, facilitates emotional expression, mobilizes personal resources and helps to overcome past traumas.

By restricting the functions of touch, codifying them to the extreme, opposing them with prohibitions, our culture has muzzled body language.

In Asia, for thousands of years, massage has occupied the social domain as a manifestation of mutual attention.

Brief Therapies - Shantala - Tuina

It is a Manual Medicine, which through a sensitive touch, present and attentive (synergy of several massage techniques: Shantala, TuiNa, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Foot Reflexology + energy treatments) allows to: - dissolve physical tensions causing ill-being, pain - release buried emotions - accompany everyone towards the actualisation of their own resources.

Acting on several levels,Tui-Na has a beneficial effect on all body and mind.

It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and restores a healthy structure between bones and soft tissues. Through acupuncture points, it also acts on the energy meridians and organs.

It helps to relieve muscle tension, fatigue and stress, rebalance the circulation of Qi.

These are simple, fast, effective massages that increase clinical effectiveness and patient satisfaction. They can in themselves constitute a care. Several protocols:

  • the neck (neck pain, torticollis, stiffness...),
  • the back (back pain, lumbago, muscle tension, stiffness...),
  • legs (painful legs, poor blood circulation, swollen legs, heavy legs...).

"Resurrection Massage"

Beyond a simple body technique, a true journey to the heart of oneself.

Nothing like that to gently reconnect with your body... "Resurrection Massage", is without a doubt the most sensitive and profound massage technique of all practices of the same type. It aims above all at relaxation by putting "Qi" into circulation throughout the body. "Resurrection Massage", makes sure that the patient is reconciled with his body.
By rediscovering his body and learning to love it, the patient is better able to detect sleeping areas but also to capture the emotions behind each physical tension. It targets both relaxation and the awakening of a psycho-bodily consciousness.

  • With a touch that is both enveloping and powerful, "Resurrection Massage" helps to effectively relieve people suffering from chronic pain, arthritis and other diseases.
  • It promotes the emergence of body memory and helps people who have suffered trauma.
  • He reunites the whole body and gives it back all its nobility and life force.
  • Gently and deeply, it frees the mind, facilitates the circulation of energies and thus provides an unsuspected state of inner peace.
  • Resurrection Massage" will help to fight many small ailments or blockages such as insomnia, depressive states, lack of energy, restore life to a sleepy libido, soothe back pain (tension), and many others.
  • If you follow a diet to lose weight, it will help you to eliminate toxins.
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"Resurrection Massage"

Beyond a simple body technique, a true journey to the heart of oneself.