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"Hay Fever"! This spring allergy, a source of anxiety for some, can be relieved without medication by acupuncture.


For Traditional Chinese Medicine, the causes of hay fever and, in general, of any chronic allergy, are a disruption of immune defences that leads to a weakness of Qi

Birch, hazelnut, and other grasses, to begin with will trigger, as every year, in about 20% of the population, a well-academic allergic rhinitis. So, the use of an "anti-allergic drug" will plunge you into a kind of pseudo sleep tinged with lethargic drunkenness for a few weeks....
For Traditional Chinese Medicine, the causes of hay fever and, in general, of any chronic allergy, are a disturbance of the immune defences which leads to a weakness of the Qi (vital energy), or any blockage of the latter. This manifests itself in the form of sometimes violent reactions in the respiratory tract. The inner branch of the Liver Meridian, passing through the ENT pathways, triggers different manifestations: runny nose, sneezing, and itchy and crying eyes.
The purpose of the treatment of any TCM allergy is to harmonize, disperse, or tone the different flows of Qi. As soon as the balance is restored, the body will be able to defend itself on its own, and without medication, against external allergen attacks.
The ideal is to "prepare" your body with several acupuncture sessions between November and February. If these reactions have been chronic for a long time, emergency treatment can be started at any time.
The Chinamedic® experience shows an improvement in patients, in the first year in more than half of cases, and more lastingly in the second year in more than 70% of cases.

Protocols applied to Chinamedic© for the treatment of Allergies and intolerances

The management of allergies and intolerances requires an understanding of the disruptive elements that have caused this situation. They are often multi-factorial, and require in-depth reflection in each case. We collaborate with doctors and laboratories specialized in this field: specialized IgG blood tests, Serum Reaction Profiles, etc. Customized micro-nutrition program, and specific protocols described below for which Didier Jolivet is duly trained and qualified.

Food or environmental allergies and intolerances are at the centre of patients' concerns: hay fever, eczema, digestive disorders, fatigue, pain.

In an integrative approach to health, it is desirable that the patient be adapted to his or her diet and vice versa. Food eviction is not satisfactory in the long term, it is not possible to modify its entire environment. The re-education of tolerance is therefore the "royal path" towards health and well-being.

We apply by means of efficient and rapid tests, developed by Dr Philippe Tournesac and Dr Bernard Rosa, a clinical treatment of various food and environmental intolerances and allergies: (detection of Dermalgia and during the metameric examination, abdominal dermalgia test for foods and molecules in the environment and finally application of the therapeutic protocol of tolerance induction).

Naet®, an American protocol combining acupuncture, kynesiology and manual medicine

Developed in 1983, this technique began to be taught by Dr. Devi Nambudripad to other health professionals in 1989. To date, there are more than 10,000 certified practitioners in this method, the majority of whom practice in North America. In addition, more than 1500 have already been trained in Europe since June 2000.

The Basics of the Method: The knowledge base that supports this method is therefore an assembly of notions of Allopathy, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Dietetics.

Dr. Devi Nambudripad's simple definition of allergy is as follows: "An allergy is an adverse response by an individual, physically, physiologically and/or psychologically, to the presence of one or more substances called allergens". For most people, however, these same substances are harmless or well tolerated, or even useful to their health.

BBA "Bye Bye Bye Allergies"®, protocol developed by François Munsch


BBA " Bye Bye Bye Allergies "

The Bye Bye Allergies team is made up of long-time NAET practitioners and trainers, who after having taught the NAET method to European practitioners within NAET for Europe have decided to develop this technique taking into account European needs and mentalities by creating and disseminating the " Bye Bye Allergies " method;

The Energy Method of Allergy Treatment "Bye Bye Bye Allergies" is different, innovative, while fully respecting the achievements of the past. It takes into account the needs and mentalities of people, as well as the specificities of European allergens.

"Bye Bye Bye Allergies" is a natural, non-invasive method with no side effects. Of a really amazing effectiveness, "Bye Bye Allergies" is part of an alternative medicine logic and is respectful of everyone. It does not preclude any other type of processing.

These energetic techniques of "cellular reinformation" have nothing to do with the offers of allopathic medicine provided by an allergist doctor, there are no allergist doctors at MTC Chinamedic