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Ursula Sila-Gasser, coach and ASCA certified therapist


Ursula Sila-Gasser, coach and ASCA certified therapist, welcomes you for a wide variety of issues, such as: depression, anxiety, phobias, addictions (including smoking), relationship problems, couple problems, lack of self-confidence, eating disorders, stress, lack of motivation, assertiveness difficulties, family problems, whether it is for life or therapy coaching sessions. She uses the "solution-centred approach", a pragmatic and innovative method, which often allows results to be observed in a short period of time and after a very small number of sessions. Indeed, this method does not focus on the past and/or the origin of the problems, but aims to build, in collaboration with the client/patient, realistic, pragmatic solutions adapted to his life. In addition, the solutions use the resources of the client/patient, which must be discovered, amplified and used wisely.

This is an innovative current of brief therapies and Ericksonian hypnosis, whose principle is to focus on what can be changed, improved, solutions rather than problems.

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