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Razane Rakha (M.ED) - Educational psychologist

I am a practitioner researcher and lecturer experienced in inclusive education and adult education. After completing a master's degree in special education and innovative pedagogical technology, I am currently finalizing my doctoral research focusing on the neuro-developmental disorder, ADHD and its comorbidities.

The focus of my thesis is parental educational practices and family support of parents of children with ADHD. I have participated and shared my research work in several international conferences.

In addition, to the research work, I am as well a school and clinical special education adviser, where I have distinguished by my practice with a diverse population, such as, teachers and parents of children of early age, adolescents and adults with learning disorders.

Having lived on three different continents, I am a trilingual author and translator1 who has produced articles and has written several books in differential pedagogy, as well as in children's literature.

Holding Philanthropic interests, I offered my expertise, in Montreal as well as in Geneva, by co-founding associations and collaborating in NGOs that defend the cause of inclusive global education.

Demonstrating an intellectual curiosity, a creative, analytical and innovative spirit, I am a good team leader and strong team player. I am also open to constructive criticism, advices and comments and aims always for self-improvement and development.

1 French, English and Arabic


Razan Rakha (M.ED)
Founder & director of Pass-Port education
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