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The pregnant woman


It is essential for the future child, and for the mother to consult a properly trained specialist

During pregnancy:

The supply of essential fatty acids in biologically active form is essential to provide more flexibility to maternal tissues and to ensure the proper development of the fetus; fatty acids in series 3 (DHA and EPA) in particular promote the development of the brain and retina. It may therefore be advisable to eat fatty fish (twice a week) and to alternate for seasonings between rapeseed oil and virgin olive oil first cold pressed.

To prevent anaemia, daily consumption of green vegetables and fruit will provide essential vitamins and minerals, including copper, necessary for iron absorption.

There is a supplementation adapted to each situation: fatigue, to prepare for childbirth, to limit the risk of stretch marks, heavy legs, etc.

After childbirth :

During breastfeeding, take again essential fatty acids to allow the optimal development of the child.
It is often necessary to support the mother (vitality, hair, psychological situation...) with a complex of trace elements, contribution of Amino Acids precursors of Serotonin and/or Tyrosine and vitamins, B6 in particular whose role in mood disorders is widely published.