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L.A.COACH Life and career coaching

Dare to live the life that inspires you !

Since my coaching certification in Los Angeles, I have been committed to helping men and women lead happy and fulfilled lives.

I believe in the incredible power of each person to face adversity and realize their dreams. I would be happy to help you prepare for or go through an important life stage, establish healthy and positive relationships, reach your full potential and share with you the joy of a fulfilled and harmonious life.

"In 20 years, you will be more disappointed by these things than you did by the ones you did. Then cast off. Set sail and leave the port, how reassuring. Explore. Dream on. Discover".
Mark Twain

With Alla Logina

  • Identify your professional needs and desires and boost your career.
  • Improve your personal life and build strong and lasting relationships.

Reach your full potential and live a balanced and fulfilled life.

ICF certified coach. Master's degree in Educational Sciences and Adult Education. Founder of her coaching firm L.A.COACH

Make an appointment with me and discover how coaching can inspire you to improve your personal or professional life.

Alla Logina
Life&Career Coach (ACC), Member of ICF
MSc in Education & Adult Training
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