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K-Taping ® Therapy authentic


K-Taping® Therapy has been established in Europe since 1998 with great success. Physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths and podiatrists all over the world use it in their daily therapeutic work.

This authentic K-Taping® therapy is only authorized by your duly trained and certified practitioner


K-Taping® is used:

- in high performance sport
- in the medical environment
- in physiotherapy

For the following purposes: prevention, rehabilitation, training, post-operative care, many pathologies, used in addition to TCM acupuncture with Chinamedic®

Function and use

Man's skin is not only a protective layer, but also his largest organ with receptors, which record external influences and transmit them to more specific receptors in depth. Thanks to them, the skin is continuously in continuous exchange with the muscles, ligaments and joint capsule.

While humans react unconsciously to this mechanism, medicine actively uses it to treat. The elasticity of the K-Tape®, combined with the special application techniques, makes it possible to influence this complex receptor system.

Fields of use:

- Improvement of muscle function (contractions, imbalances)
- Joint support (improved stability and mobility)
- Analgesic
- Activation of the lymphatic system (edema, post-operative care)


K-Taping® can be used for:

- Muscle contractures and back pain
- Sports traumatologies such as tendonitis
- Pain of menstruation, lowering of organs
- Chronic pain such as osteoarthritis
- And more...


The 100% cotton elastic tape has been specially developed for K-Taping® therapy. The K-Tape® is breathable and water permeable, contains no irritants and respects the skin: it is therefore suitable for all skin types.

K-Tape® can be combined with any medical and homeopathic treatment, as its acrylic adhesive layer contains no glue, resin or drugs.

The water-resistant K-Tapes® retain their effectiveness over a period of several days to weeks.