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Acupuncture and Treatment of Bulimia and Overweight

Excess weight indicates an energy imbalance in the body


From the point of view of acupuncture, excess weight is a sign of an energy imbalance in the body.
The choice of acupuncture treatment will depend on the diagnosis and your personal history.
We must not forget that you are an individual, a woman or a man, not a case.

• Acupuncture will have a hungering effect, or more precisely will produce a satiety effect in large eaters and large eaters who are never satisfied. Acupuncture acts on the meridian of the stomach in order to disperse its energy.

• In anxious subjects who suffer from food compulsions (who throw themselves on food to calm their anxiety), acupuncture has a calming effect and provides real psychic relaxation.

• Acupuncture also affects the metabolism of water and fat, their distribution and storage, as well as the elimination of water when obesity is accompanied by water retention.

• Finally, acupuncture acts on the hormonal imbalance that is at the origin of the formation of cellulite.

- Acupuncture restores psychological harmony conducive to weight loss. It acts in depth, in the field.

Acupuncture, in the management of overweight problems, should, even more so elsewhere, be associated with other medical techniques such as: dietary advice, phytotherapy, homeotherapy, oligotherapy and specific manual massages and specific gels with active ingredients.

This treatment protocol uses bioenergetic techniques, combining multiple medical techniques.

The battle against overweight is long and difficult, but the results we have achieved are convincing and encouraging.

You can therefore follow a treatment to overcome your excess weight. This is in addition to nutritional learning (see our chapter: Nutrition Micronutrition)

It is a long and difficult job but it will give you some joys.

Depending on individual criteria and particularities, a comprehensive treatment combining different medical techniques will be implemented.

The battle you can fight with Chinamedic® against overweight is being fought on two fronts at the same time:

The first step is the fight against fat deposition installed for many months or even years: These unsightly deposits must be removed from storage by good food hygiene, by improving circulation and activating fat metabolism.

The techniques used are: specific manual massages / specific gels, dietary advice, phytotherapy, meridian drainage.

At the same time, we will act on your metabolism so that your body no longer stores fat. You will not "manufacture" so no more overloads.

For this purpose, the following medical techniques will be used: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy, organotherapy, oligotherapy.

Weight stabilization for two years